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Dear FWCB Alumni, Friends, Students and Staff-
Sue GalatowitschEach academic year ends by sending new graduates off into the world, anticipating the many ways they will shape the future of natural resources and their communities. In FWCB, each academic year begins by celebrating a distinguished alumnus or alumna who has contributed to the conservation of fisheries and wildlife in truly exceptional ways. This year we honor Dr. E. Charles "Chuck" Meslow as the 2016 FWCB Distinguished Alumnus.

Chuck Meslow has advanced wildlife management through his research on numerous forest wildlife species of the Pacific Northwest. He is a pioneer of landscape-scale wildlife conservation and research. Most notably, his leadership during the contentious years of spotted owl conservation and management is considered by many to be his most important contribution to wildlife conservation. Chuck's professionalism, enthusiasm, and optimism were central in the complex process leading to the protection of spotted owls under the Endangered Species Act. Because of his work on spotted owls, he became a key member of the Forest Ecosystem Management Assessment Team. Conservation of old-growth forest in the Pacific Northwest was adopted based on the recommendations in this team's Northwest Forest Plan.

Chuck MeslowAfter spending three years in the Navy, Chuck received B.S. and M.S. degrees in wildlife management at the University of Minnesota and then a Ph.D. in wildlife ecology in 1970 from the University of Wisconsin. Shortly after receiving his PhD, he became a federal research scientist with the Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit and a professor at Oregon State University. Chuck led the Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit for 18 years before retiring in 1994. He authored and coauthored more than 80 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Throughout his distinguished career Dr. Meslow has provided scientific leadership and service to the wildlife profession. He has advised and mentored more than 50 M.S. and Ph.D. students, many of whom have gone on to have distinguished careers themselves. He has been involved in The Wildlife Society for almost 50 years, serving on numerous committees and as an officer at the state and national levels. The Wildlife Society bestowed upon him numerous honors during his distinguished career, most notably the organization's most prestigious award, the Aldo Leopold Memorial Award, in 2005.
 As noted in a recent compendium on wildlife professionals*, "his advice and counsel continue to be sought not only by his former students and professional associates, many of whom are leaders in the wildlife profession, but also by executives in government and in the timber industry who respect his professionalism and honesty".

Dr. Meslow will receive his award at the Kolshorn Lecture and Awards Ceremony on October 3 (details in this newsletter). I hope you can join us at FWCB's most important annual gathering to celebrate Chuck's accomplishments, renew friendships, and hear a terrific lecture.

Hope your summer has been a good one ...

9523320313_e9313721d7_tANNOUNCEMENTS & EVENTS

The 2016 Kolshorn Lecture and Awards Ceremony will be held on October 3, Saint Paul campus (33 McNeal Hall), from 4:30-6 PM. This year's lecture, "Citizen science networks: discovering how to support and study practices that can help the birds and the bees?" will be presented by Dr. Janis Dickinson, Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The awards ceremony will begin at 4:30 and the lecture at 5 PM. A reception follows.

Dr. Dickinson is also giving a research talk on October 4 at 10:15 AM in 415 Alderman Hall, "Why kin selection is not dead: evidence from a marginal cooperative breeder, the western bluebird" Both lectures, the awards ceremony, and the reception are open to the public. Find out more information about the Kolshorn Lecture series.

Melaney DunneThe Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center (MAISRC) is hosting its Third Annual Research Showcase on September 12. This all-day event features presentations, discussions, and field trips related to the MAISRC's research on invasive carp, zebra mussels, invasive aquatic plants, and harmful fish diseases. Space is limited and pre-registration is required. The- registration page also provides a full list of presentations and descriptions.

Mentor an FWCB Student! The CFANS Mentor Program connects students with mentors who help them with career exploration and provides students with an opportunity to network and enhance their professional skills. Last year 20 FWCB undergraduate and graduate students were matched with alumni and professionals - a four-fold increase! Both students and mentors find this to be a rewarding and valuable opportunity and we hope to see the program grow even more! Applications are now available for the 2016-17 academic year. If you have any questions about being a mentor for a FWCB student, contact Sue Galatowitsch (galat001@umn.edu, 612-624-3242). Please sign up by September 27.

Thanks again to last year's FWCB mentors - Michelle Cartensen (MN DNR), Jamie Coulson (WRC), Amber Ellering (MN DNR), Shelby Flint (UofM), Steve Houdek (USGS), Brady Howe (USFS), Jessie Koehle (City of Eagan), Kristan Maccaroni (MN DNR), Emilee Nelson (MN DNR), Monica Rauchwater (Richardson Nature Center), Jonathan Slaght (WCS-Russia), Andy Von Duyke (North Slope Borough-Alaska), Jennifer Corcoran (MN DNR), Marni Karnowski (MPCA), Olivia LeDee (MN DNR), Darren Lochner (Minnehaha Creek Watershed District), Brian Nerbonne (MN DNR), Daniel Hnilicka (UM Raptor Center), Amanda Kueper (MN DNR), Jessica Piispanen (USFWS).

9523320313_e9313721d7_tSTUDENT HIGHLIGHTS

Congratulations to Lisa ElliottPhD candidate in Conservation Biology, who has been awarded L. Daniel Frenzel & Thomas F. Waters Fellowship for Fall 2016. Lisa is advised by Dr. Doug Johnson and Dr. Gerry Niemi. She is studying habitat associations of Great Lakes coastal wetland birds and fitness consequences of anthropogenic stress on Great Lakes Piping Plovers.

9523320313_e9313721d7_tFACULTY & STAFF HIGHLIGHTS

Francie Cuthbert and ploversFrancie Cuthbert, FWCB Professor, responded to a recent call to roll back protections of the Endangered Species Act with a Commentary on July 10 in the Star Tribune. She highlighted the recovery of the Great Lakes piping plover population, a species that she and her research team have studied for decades.

9523320313_e9313721d7_tALUMNI HIGHLIGHTS

Dr. E. Charles Meslow will receive the FWCB Distinguished Alumni Award for 2016 at the annual Kolshorn Lecture and Awards Ceremony. Chuck received B.S. and M.S. degrees in wildlife management at the University of Minnesota. As a federal research scientist with the Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit and a professor at Oregon State University, he played a pivotal role in the protection of forest wildlife and their habitats in the Pacific Northwest.
Jessie Koehle '06 (M.S. Conservation Biology, Fisheries & Aquatic Science), was recently featured in the CFANS Alumni and Friends Newsletter. Jessie coordinates the City of Eagan's Neighborhood Fishing Program, which allows her to do many hands-on tasks with fish that include "running our own fish population surveys, winter aeration for fish survival, youth and family fishing events, [and] fish stocking."  Learn more about her work and her experiences at the U of M!

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Thanks to all who have supported FWCB scholarships, fellowships, and the Kolshorn Lecture. Your support truly makes a difference and provides opportunities that wouldn't be possible otherwise. We're looking forward to the upcoming FWCB Kolshorn Lecture and Awards Ceremony and recognizing our Distinguished Alumni Award winner. We hope you'll consider supporting important events like this, which are key to the vitality of the FWCB community --alumni and friends, students, staff and faculty.

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