FWCB Diving Policy 2017

Compliance with this policy, which outlines best safety practices, is everyone's responsibility--both divers and those supporting divers. Principal Investigators, though, have a special responsibility for ensuring their team has access to safety training and understands the expectations in this policy.


Each dive team/project needs to fill this out and send it to the committee chair for approval.

FWCB Float Plan and Dive Logs: TO BE COMPLETED DAILY.pdf

These two forms need to be completed daily. A float plan needs to be filed before dive activity (also a PDF form), and dive logs need to be filled out for all divers while in the field. Dive leaders are responsible to making sure the logs are maintained, and submitting the daily dive logs to the committee at the end of the season.

FWCB Dive Emergency Procedures: TO BE PRINTED FOR EACH DIVE TEAM.pdf

Each team in the field should have a copy of this on them in case of emergency. They should also fill out the fields on the first page with the nearest hospital, and project PI name and phone number. This does not need to be submitted to the committee, it is just for reference for the dive team.