Kolshorn Lecture

Otto KolshornEach year, the FWCB invites a distinguished scientist or conservationist to campus to give the Kolshorn Lecture. The Kolshorn lecture series was established in 1982 to honor Otto W. Kolshorn. Otto Kolshorn was a farmer, teacher, school board member, and Justice-of-the Peace from Goodhue County, Minnesota, who served 5 terms in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

FWCB's annual award ceremony is held in conjunction with the Kolshorn Lecture. The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented and students receiving fellowships and scholarships are honored.


Past Kolshorn Lecturers

2016Dr. Janis Dickinson (Cornell Lab of Ornithology)
2015Dr. Donald Siniff (University of Minnesota)
2014Dr. Steven Cooke (Assoc. Prof, Carleton University (Ottawa, Ontario)
2013No Lecture
2012Dr. Eric Post (Pennsylvania State University)
2011Dr. David S. Wilcove (Princeton University)
2010No Lecture
2009Samuel Gruber (Director, Bimini Biological Field Station)
2008Dr. David B. Wake (UC-Berkeley)
2007Dr. Anthony Sinclair (University of British Columbia )
2006Daniel Simberloff (University of Tennessee)
2005Sam McNaughton (Syracuse University)
2004Dr. Gary Ankley (US Environmental Protection Agency)
2003Shane Mahoney (Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador)
2002William Mansfield (UNEP)
2001Dr. Theo Colburn (WWF; Author of Our Stolen Future)
2000Rodney Sando (Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game)
1999Carl Safina (Author)
1998Stephen O'Brien (NIH)
1997Richard Mace (Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks)
1996Melanie Stiassney (American Museum of Natural History)
1995Michael Wallace (San Diego Zoo)

Early Kolshorn Lecturers (1984 - 1994)

  • Pete Petosky
  • Carlos Fetterolf
  • Tom Lovejoy
  • Stewart Udall
  • Amy Vedder
  • E. Charles Meslow
  • Jim Brandenburg & David Mech

2017 Kolshorn Lecture and Awards Ceremony

Mark your calendars for the 2017 Kolshorn Lecture and Awards Ceremony which will be held on September 18, 2017, in 33 McNeal Hall on the St. Paul campus from 4:30-6 PM. This year's speaker will be Dr. Marie-Josée Fortinof the University of Toronto, whose lecture will focus on challenges for sustaining wildlife in an era of global change.

Dr. Marie-Josee Fortin