Advancing Habitat and Ecosystem Conservation & Management

Understanding how wild animals use habitats and landscapes is a topic of research interest to many FWCB faculty and their students working on fish, mammals and birds. Several FWCB faculty work primarily on habitats and ecosystems, understanding mechanisms fundamental to ecosystem conservation, and developing strategies for ecosystem restoration or management.

Joseph Bump (Associate Professor and Gullion Chair) studies how wildlife interactions affect ecosystem processes and biodiversity, especially in forested systems.

Susan Galatowitsch (Professor and Head) studies the restoration ecology of wetlands, rivers, and prairies. Her team focuses on developing revegetation practices, restoration assessment tools, and invasive species control methods.

Daniel Larkin (Assistant Professor/Extension Specialist) focuses on the ecology, restoration and management of aquatic and wetland invasive plants.

Raymond Newman (Professor) studies tropic relations of streams and littoral zones of lakes to answer both basic and applied questions related to fisheries management.

Jim Perry's (Professor) current research focuses on understanding the risks climate change poses to heritage sites and developing climate change adaptation strategies to guide protected area management.