Advancing Invertebrate Conservation & Management

FWCB researchers focus on invertebrate biology that is especially relevant to conservation in Minnesota and the surrounding region. While we study only a few of the million+ invertebrates of the world, our studies span terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems within urban and agricultural landscapes.

Rob Blair (Professor/Extension Specialist) examines how changes in land use, especially urbanization, affects birds and butterflies that reside in human-dominated landscapes, such as cities.

Karen Oberhauser (Professor/Extension Specialist) conducts research on several aspects of monarch butterfly ecology. Her team has studied reproductive ecology, factors affecting the distribution and abundance of immature monarch stages, and risks posed by global climate change, insecticide use, and genetically-modified crops. She directs the Monarch Lab.

Mark Hove (Research Fellow) studies the life cycles of the freshwater mussels and develops reintroduction strategies. He leads the Minnesota Native Mussel Project.