Study Abroad Semester Programs and Equivalent FWCB Courses

One-third of FWCB undergraduates complete an international course to fulfill degree requirements! Study abroad is a great way to build life skills and gain a career-advantage. Scholarships are available through the FWCB Department, the College (CFANS), and the University’s Learning Abroad Center. FWCB faculty regularly teach international courses through CFANS or as a University Global Seminar. For information on courses to be offered in this academic year contact these offices: CFANS International Programs | UM Learning Abroad Center.

The following information is meant to be a quick referral for FWCB students interested in studying abroad. However, it is important for all students to check course equivalencies with the FW major coordinator. Therefore, it is very important that you provide the major coordinator with the course description of any class you propose to meet an FWCB requirement. Also, even though some courses have been approved for specific tracks, it is important to recognize that they could easily be considered for other tracks in FWCB.

Costa Rica

Monteverde: The following courses meet the requirements of the Conservation Biology Track

  • Biol 3001; Tropical Diversity: A class from group II-
  • Biol 3002; Independent Study in Biology/ Ecology: Additional Professional Experience
  • ECOL 3001; Tropical Community Ecology: A class from Group III
  • ECOL 3003; Humans in the Tropics; A class from group I


James Cook University- Townsville: The following courses meet the requirements of the Fisheries Track

  • BZ 2640; Marine Plants and Algae in their Environments: A class from group II
  • BZ 3210; Rainforest Ecosystems: A class from group III
  • LA2902; Environmental Law and Policy; A class from group I
  • MB 2050; Functional Biology of Marine Organisms: A class from group III
  • MB 3150; Fisheries Science; A class from group IV

Griffith University – Brisbane: The following classes meet the requirements of the Wildlife Track

  • ENB380; Environmental Law and Assessment: A class from Group I
  • NQB321; Ecology: Biol 3407 Ecology
  • EFB334; Environmental Economics & Policy: A class from Group I
  • MAB101; Statistical Data Analysis: FW 4001 Biometry
  • NQQB503; Spatial Analysis of Environmental Systems: FNRM 3131 GIS

Netherlands Antilles

Bonaire ( CIEE): The following classes met the requirements of the fisheries track

Tropical Marine Ecology and Conversation

  • ENVI 3002/Mari 3003; Tropical Marine Conservation Biology: BIOL 3407 Ecology
  • MARI 3004; Advanced Scuba and MARI 3005; Marine Ecology Field Research Methods: Second Professional Experience
  • Ecol 3001; Coral Reef Ecology: EEB 4609W Ecosystem Ecology ( Note- this class will not count for writing intensive requirement)


University of Limerick

  • ER 4708; Biometrics: FW 4001 Biometry
  • BY 4032; Animal Diversity: Biol 2012 Zoology

University College Cork

  • BC 3011; Forensic Genetics and Molecular Biology: GCD 3022; Genetics


School for Field Studies: The following courses meet the Conservation Biology Track

  • Bi 371- Tech of Wildlife Management: Second professional experience
  • Bi 372 - Wildlife Ecology: A class from Group 4
  • Ee 302- Envir Policy & Socioeconomics Values: A class from Group I

New Zealand

University of Otago

  • MARI 302; Biology & Behaviour of Marine Vertebrates: FW 4401 Fish Physiology and Behavior
  • ECOL 111; Ecology and Conservation of Diversity : Biol 3407 Ecology
  • ZOOL 416; Freshwater Ecology: EEB 5601 Limnology or A class from Group III (For fisheries Track)
  • SURV 208 : FNRM 3131 GIS

National Student Exchange Program Equivalent FWCB Courses


University of Hawaii at Manoa

  • Biol 265 Ecology & Evolutionary Biol: Biol 3407
  • Biol 375 Concepts of Genetics: GCD 3022 Genetics
  • BOT 105 H/Ethnobotany : Meets Group II Plants Class