Conservation Sciences Graduate Program

The Conservation Sciences Graduate Program at the University of Minnesota provides world-class graduate training and research opportunities. We prepare leaders to develop effective solutions to conservation and management challenges through understanding coupled biological and human systems. 

Our students will gain foundational knowledge in conservation biology; specifically (1) organismal and population biology, (2) ecosystem and landscape ecology, (3) participatory decision-making, policy, and other social processes, (4) ecosystem services, and (5) analysis and interpretation of complex data.

Prospective students interested in pursuing a MS or PhD advised by a FWCB faculty member should contact them about potential opportunities. Graduate study in Conservation Sciences is primarily supported by research assistantships from faculty-led research grants, sometimes supplemented with teaching assistantships and fellowships arranged by the FWCB Department and CS Grad Program. Admission for graduate study in Conservation Sciences is most likely for applicants who have identified a willing faculty advisor. More information about Conservation Sciences graduate admissions is available.