Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Major

The FWCB major provides students with a broad science background emphasizing the biological and environmental sciences and other coursework needed for careers in fisheries, wildlife, conservation biology, and other natural resource and environmental careers.

Through careful choice of restricted electives, students completing the FWCB can also fulfill the requirements for minors such as Wildlife Care and Handling, Marine Biology, Park and Protected Areas Management, Water Science, Sustainability Sciences, and Forest Ecosystem Management and Conservation. FWCB offers two minors that are well-suited to students in many programs, such as Animal Science, ESPM, and Ecology.

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Mathematical Thinking

(8 credits)


(4 credits)

Biological Sciences

(17 credits)

FWCB Courses

(13 credits)

Restricted Electives: Communications

(3-4 credits)

Restricted Electives: Human Dimensions

(6-7 credits)

Restricted Electives: Animals and Plants

(9-12 credits)

Restricted Electives: Community & Ecosystem Ecology

(3-4 credits)

Restricted Electives: Advanced Courses in FWCB

(9-11 credits)

Upper Division Writing Intensive within the Major


Major Coordinator

John Fieberg
[email protected]

Academic Advisor

Tracene Marshall
[email protected]

Megan Schmidt
[email protected]