Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Minor

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The Fisheries and Wildlife Minor enables students in other majors to develop an understanding of the principles and practices of fisheries, wildlife, and conservation biology. An overview of fish and wildlife biology and natural history and the general principles applied to managing their populations and habitats is provided. Relevant academic resources for CFANS and non-CFANS students are provided on the CFANS Minors page. A total of 16-18 credits are required among the following groups of courses.


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Ecology Course

  • BIOL 3407/3408W (3 cr), FR 3104 (4 cr), or any ecology course approved by the Undergraduate Coordinator.

Principles of Fisheries and Wildlife

Select at least one course:

  • FW 2001 Introduction to Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology (3 cr)
  • FW 2003 Introduction to Marine Biology (3 cr)
  • FW 4102 Principles of Conservation Biology (3 cr)
  • FW 4103 Principles of Wildlife Management (3 cr) 

Human Dimensions

Select at least one course:

Note: may not take both 3000 & 5000 versions of the same class

  • ESPM 3011W Environmental Ethics in Natural Resources (3 cr)
  • ESPM 3202W Environmental Conflict Mgmt, Leadership, and Planning (3 cr)
  • ESPM 3245 Sustainable Land Use Planning and Policy (3 cr)
  • ESPM 3271 Environmental Policy, Law & Human Behavior (3 cr)
  • FW 3925 Human Dimensions of Fisheries and Wildlife Management (3 cr)


Select at least one course:

  • EEB 4129 Mammalogy (4 cr)
  • EEB 4134 Introduction to Ornithology (4 cr)
  • EEB 4839 Field Studies in Mammalogy (4 cr)
  • EEB 4844 Field Ornithology (4 cr)
  • FW 4101 Herpetology (4 cr)
  • FW 4136 Ichthyology (4 cr)

Advanced FW Course

Select at least one course:

Courses may require senior status and/or instructor's permission

  • ESPM 5071 Ecological Restoration (4 cr)
  • ESPM 5245 Sustainable Land Use Planning and Policy (3 cr)
  • FW 4401 Fish Physiology and Behavior (3 cr)
  • FW 5003 Human Dimensions of Biological Conservation (3 cr)
  • FW 5051 Analysis of Populations (4 cr)
  • FW 5601 Fisheries Population Analysis (3 cr)
  • FW 5603W Habitats and Regulation of Wildlife (3 cr)
  • FW 5604W Fisheries Ecology and Management (3 cr)

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