Graduate Student Fellowships

FWCB graduate student stipends and research expenses are typically supported with a combination of research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and fellowships. Generally, the graduate programs affiliated with FWCB do not admit un-funded students. Prospective students should contact the Director of Graduate Studies and faculty members they are interested in working with to discuss the availability of funding. The following are the fellowship funds managed by the FWCB Department. Some of these are awarded to incoming students; others are for current students.

Carp Management Research Fund supports graduate student research expenses associated with developing pheromone controls for exotic carp in lakes and streams.

Conservation Biology Graduate Student Fund supports fellowships, travel to meetings to present research or travel to special training programs.

Gordon Gullion Fellowship Fund provides fellowships for graduate students pursuing studies in wildlife ecology and management.

L. Daniel Frenzel & Thomas F. Waters Fellowship provides support for graduate students advised by an FWCB faculty member.

Leigh H. Perkins Fellowship in Wildlife Management supports graduate students in wildlife management working with the Gullion Endowed Chair.

Wally Dayton Fellowship in Wildlife Research provides support for new or current graduate students, with a preference for students interested in wildlife research with financial need, and who are veterans of active duty in the US Armed Forces or the Peace Corps.

John Dobie Memorial Fund provides fellowships for fisheries graduate students with excellent academic records.